This loan type is exclusively for Tuition or school purposes for yourself or anyone in your family.
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Student or Tuition Loan

Student or Tuition Loans in the Philippines

This is for those few times per year when strict budgeting still doesn't leave you with enough cash to prepare you for the expenses incurred when going to school, or sending your kids to school. Not only can we help you with the payment itself, but we can also cover the extraneous expenses such as books and suppliers that are required at the beginning of each term. Read more »

Student Loan Requirements

Requirements & Documents:

- Loan Purpose: Educational Loan
- Loan Amount: Min. of P5K to P49,999
- Age: 21 to 65 years old
- Employment Status: Employed, Freelancer
- Location: Metro Manila and other major cities
- Loans are up to 1 month's salary
- You should have an active social network
- You should have a trusted network of three (3) persons, with at least one family member. Other references may be your co-workers or friends.
- Loan terms are up to 12 months