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Personal Loan

Overview: Personal Loans in the Philippines

Personal Loans can be used for almost any purpose. These are also called Cash Loans, Salary Loans, or even Payday Loans if you need a cash advance to provide cash till your next paycheck. We don't currently offer payday loans, but do check back in the future. Here is a summary of reasons you might avail of a personal loan. Our advice: going into debt is not always the right answer. You must have good budget and financial planning skills to make sure you will pay on time each month. Read more »

Personal Loan

Requirements & Documents:
The requirements for Personal Loans can vary dramatically by bank, so we'll inform you if additional items are required:

- Loan size: P10,000 up to P2,000,000 but limited by your salary: 30% of your gross monthly salary is the maximum monthly loan payment allowed
- Terms: 6 mos. up to 36 mos.
- Low Monthly Payments
Basic Qualifications:
- Should be 21 to 65 years old (end of loan term should be before 65th birthday)
- Should have good credit standing: no historical defaults
- If self employed: Business should be operational for at least 2 years
- Covered areas: Metro Manila and extended areas, for now
Requirements for Employed/Salaried Individuals:
- Checking Account
- Latest Certificate of Employment (should not be more than 30 days old) w/ salary, position and length of service
- 2 months latest payslips (include most recent payday payslip)
- Latest ITR
- 2 Govt-issued IDs (passport, SSS, PRC, Driver's License, Voter's ID)
- 1 Company-issued ID (front and back) w/ 3 specimen signatures beside the front copy of the ID
- Copy of recent credit card statement, if any

Requirements for Self-employed Individuals:
- DTI/Business Permits
- 6 months bank statements
- Latest Audited Financial Statements w/ ITR
- Trade References