OFW LOAN: Step 1

Before you start applying, please identify your co-borrower. This person is based in the Philippines, who also meets the qualifications of lending (check right column), and will sign the loan documents with you. If your are married but your spouse does not meet lending requirements, you will need to find a 3rd person to sign the loan documents as your "co-maker"

Our bank and lending partners allow OFW's to buy cars and homes if you have a co-borrower residing in the Philippines and you are in the country for the final signing. The same applies if you own a car or a home and are looking for a car equity or home equity loan.
- If you are looking for a car loan, apply here:Car Loan for OFW
- If you are looking for a home loan, apply here: Home Loan for OFW
- For Seaman Personal Loans, continue with this form!

Our lender is currently only accepting applications for Seaman who are in the Philippines, ready for deployment

Purpose of loan?

What is the desired loan amount?

OFW Country?

Enter Total Monthly Income (Must be greater than P15,000 equivalent)

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Will I Qualify?

Just a few more questions to help determine which bank will qualify you:


Marital Status

Years in Current Job

Employment Status

Job Industry

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Do you plan to apply with a co-borrower? If you are married, click "YES"


Co-Borrower Gross Monthly Income

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Co-Borrower Years in Current Job?

Do you have a valid credit card for over 12 months?

Own a home?

Own a fully paid car?

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Need help? Feel free to email us at support@rainingpesos.com

OFW Salary Loan

OFW Loan Approval Requirements

Situations that can be approved
- Seamen Only (for now, but we might open this up in the future)
- Up to P500,000 on terms of 3 to 9 months depending on your OFW situation.

Situations that won't be approved:
- Deployments into countries such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel
- Other areas declared by management
- We currently don't loan for re-deployment purposes

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OFW Requirements & Documents

OFW Personal Loan Requirements: (Currently for Seamen only)

- Filipino 21 to 59 years old upon loan maturity
- Must have a personal landline telephone or cell phone
- Loan up to P500,000, depending on your OFW situation
- Terms are 3 to 9 months, limited by the work contract.
- Must have co-borrower that meets lending requirements living in the Philippines

Supporting Documents:

- Completely filled out application form
- Photocopy of 2 valid ID's with permanent address and signature (passport, driver's license, company ID, voter ID, etc)
- Latest original proof of billing (electric or water)
- Latest proof of residency (NBI / Police clearance / Barangay clearance
- Latest POEA validated standard contract of employment / Certificate of Employment / Job Order / POEA information sheet
- E-Receipt / Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
- Flight Details / Plane Ticket / Updated Passport and Visa
- Marriage contract if married, birth certificate if single
- Seaman: Copy of Seaman's Book, Seafarer Registration Certificate

Car & Home Loan:

All the same requirements apply for car and home loans. You must have a co-borrower here in the country that also has the capacity to pay back the loan. If you are out of the country, you will need to assign Power of Attorney. You can apply these loans here:

Car Loan for OFW
Home Loan for OFW