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Home Loan

Home Loans, Mortgage & Property Loans in the Philippines

Buying a home and property is one of the largest purchases people typically make in their lifetime. It is a long cherished dream for many families here in the Philippines. However, buying a house by making a single payment is normally impossible for most Filipino families, as the prices of houses and condominiums are quite high. Therefore, many families opt to apply for a housing loan mortgage. Many commercial, rural and thrift banks offer housing loans in the Philippines. However, the amount of loan, interest rates, terms and requirements vary from bank to bank. This makes it tedious and time consuming for the applicant to decide which bank lender would be the best to help them realize their dream home. Read more »

Raining Pesos Home Loan Services

Home Loan Requirements & Documents:

The requirements can vary dramatically by bank, we'll inform you if additional items are required:

Home Loan Mortgage Purpose
- Purchase a vacant lot (property)
- Purchase a house
- Construct a house
- Renovate your existing home
- Refinance mortgage with other banks

Home Loan Amount
- Up to 80% of the bank appraised home value or net selling price of an approved project
- Minimum home loan amount is P400,000

Home Loan Term
- Maximum 15 years: house & lot, townhouse, vacant lot, condominium of approved projects
- Maximum 10 years: vacant lot, condominium units of non-approved projects

Eligibility Criteria
- If you have been employed or in business for the last 2 years with a minimum gross monthly income of P50,000

Income Document Requirements
- Valid ID (photo-bearing gov't ID)
- Certificate of employment & compensation
- Latest ITR
- OFW: Employment contract, proof of remittance

Business Documents (self-employed)
- 2 years financial statements
- Business registration SEC or DTI
- 6 months bank statements

Home, Condo or Project Documents
- Approved Projects: Computation Sheet or Contract to Sell from developer with contract price and description of unit

Non-Approved Projects:
- Clear Copy of Owner's Duplicate Copy of TCT/CCT
- Lot Plan/Vicinity Map
- Photocopies of tax declaration, tax receipts and tax clearance
- Additional Documents for Construction Loan
- Building plan (complete set)
- Bill of materials/specification/cost estimates
- Scope of Work
- Building permit

Additional Documents for Home Loan Refinancing
- Statement of Account from Mortgage Lender
- Proof of Payment for the last 6 months