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Car Loan

Overview: Car Loans in the Philippines

Purchasing a car in the Philippines can be a scary yet exhilarating experience. It is a big commitment, and plenty of research must be done to make sure you stay within your budget, and find a reliable car for your needs. It is also very difficult to ignore your ego and buy something flashy but truly out of your price range. Luckily, if you need a loan to buy the car, the bank will be the first to tell you that you cannot afford it the based on your income and expenses. Read more »

Raining Pesos Car Loans

Ready to buy a new or used car? We can help you find car financing to fit your budget and needs.

Get started here with some basic information, then Step 2 will be used to run scenarios for different car types, year model, and prices in order to see the effect on your down payment and monthly payment. Once you've decided, Step 3 will begin the application process.

Requirements to Qualify:

- Employed for at least 1 yr (if you own your company, positive income for at least one year)
- Min: 21 yrs old Max: end of loan term earlier than 65th birthday
- Good credit standing: no outstanding court cases where you failed to pay a debt, or if you are late paying a credit card or other loan. If you settle the debt, you can then apply as long as you provide proof of settlement.
- Some banks only cover certain areas for loans in the Philippines
- Foreigners: You must be married to a Filipino, with 1 or 2 exceptions
- OFW's: You can apply for any loan, but you'll need a co-borrower living in the Philippines, and you'll need to sign in person unless you assign Power of Attorney.
- Self-Employed: Your business must be operational at least 2 years

Document requirements:

- Government issued ID: Passport, Driver's license, etc
- Certificate of employment with salary listed
- Latest Payslip
- Latest bank statement(s)
- Tax Return: Not all banks require this

If you own your own company and are applying for a car loan:

- DTI/SEC Registration
- 6 months bank statements
- Audited financial statements
- ITR: Income Tax Return
- Trade References (depends on the bank)